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What are home healthcare services right for your family?

It is overwhelming when it comes to healthcare decision for your loved ones.

It might be your father, mother or siblings who will undergo certain medical procedures or treatment, such as surgery in the leg, heart surgery or hip replacement. They might be nervous, confused or scared and thinking possible complications after surgery.

Showing some signs & symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, and other degenerative diseases, that we might not notice. Any of these situations “home care” can be a help for you.

Home healthcare composed of medical and non-medical services. The medical services are referred as “Home Health Care” these are the patients who undergone surgeries or newly discharged to the hospital. It is also appropriate for your loved ones having trouble or confused getting around or worries about getting fall after the surgery.
This requires customized care and services are given by licensed trained medical personnel such as:

  • We take control of medication management
  • Implement health activities that prevent future complications to your health
  • Learn about the patient’s condition and managing appropriately by medication & treatment
  • Improve patient’s safety at home
  • Prevent re-hospitalization and hospital confinement

“HOME NURSING” service in some are covered by insurance or part of elderly benefit which is designed to help in managing patient’s condition, providing medications as per prescribed by the treating physician and therapy.
PERSONAL HOME CARE ASSISTANCE is another type of care at home, which is for non-medical services. These services are provided by trained, professional caregiver and registered nurses in their home country. Who can help in the activity of daily living, bathing, and companionship, light housekeeping if requires such as food preparation and more…

RESPITE CARE is a relief to the family members who have been there during the entire care for an adult or loved-one with disability and, which we provide a full range of personal home care assistance to ease the burden and stress of the family.

We’re available 24 hours every day to answer your health inquiries or call us now to book for a free assessment by our medical team. We are here to help you with the complex challenges of taking care of your loved one.

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