Why postoperative care is essential?

Stability of health is truly unpredictable, you might have all the energy today in doing your daily grind and enjoying every moment of your leisure time, however as unpredictable as the weather your health status might change without prior notice. Health issues has always been a battle to fight for every individual, fortunately evolutionary studies […]

How to stay healthy during Ramadan?

Ramadan is fast approaching and it is obligatory for every Muslims all over the world. However, sinking into a new routine can be challenging during the long summer season, Especially in the UAE. It is fasting voluntarily done by our brothers and sisters for the entire 30 days or during Shaaban (Muslim calendar), which is […]

Dealing with Alzheimer’s disease: caregivers guide

It is very challenging to deal with clients with Alzheimer’s/Dementia, especially in providing a nutritious meal on a regular basis, encouraging independence and more. Nutritious food is very important to keep the body strong and healthy. Poor nutrition is one of the major challenges, because of their behavior and most commonly weight loss. Tips for […]

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