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We are saving your time and effort for clinic visit by providing doctor on call services for home visit.

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With a passion to care for our patients, Vital Zone Home Health Care offers doctor on-call services all-over Dubai. We take care of our clients who need doctor consultancy in the comfort of their homes, or even in their hotel rooms. Our general physicians are highly qualified, with extensive experience, and are certified by Dubai Health Authority. With just a phone call away from our dependable customer service representative, our private doctor will immediately pay a visit at your preferred location, date, and time. This will reduce the effort you will spend on hospital or clinic visits. We offer variety of specialties such as Family Medicine, General Practitioner and Obstetrics & Gynecology based on your requirements.

After On-Call Doctor Consultation, medicine can be delivered at your doorstep as prescribed, to relieve stress for long queues or unavailability of the medicine

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For a busy person who has no strength and energy to go to the hospital, we do not want you to feel helpless. Our on-call doctor is perfectly made available for unpredicted events like this. Similarly, when you are unwell yourself and don’t want to go anywhere, having a doctor on-call is much more helpful and convenient. Knowing you may not be in a good shape; we will aid your stress for potential long queues and unavailability of medicines. Recognizing such uncertainties, we will ease your burden through our home visit doctor. Vital Zone Home Health Care is tailored to meet all types of medical consultation services, as we never know when you or your family member will be in need of medical attention right away.  

For years, our clients rely upon us when it comes to doctor consultancy near them. We are a leading medical consultation service provider at your doorstep, available 24/7. We look beyond the healthcare system and provide the most accurate diagnoses from mild to chronic conditions.

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For a someone who cannot manage to miss his itinerary due to unforeseen sickness, Vital Zone got you covered with our doctor on-call services. We love to be of great help in your busy week and still look after your health. We do not want unexpected events like feeling under the weather call off your much-awaited holiday trip or your scheduled business meeting. Vital Zone’s On-Call Doctor is all about convenience and making things as simple as possible for you. With just the 3 easy steps of booking with us, we will offer you treatment and medication right in your hotel room, anytime and anywhere in Dubai.

At Vital Zone Home Health Care, our On-call Doctor’s main objective is:

To provide convenience for our clients, particularly children and elderly, who require the most medical treatment but also face the greatest difficulties in getting to and from the hospital

To give our patients tailored medical care through a more individualistic approach that aids their personalized needs

To ensure that our clients have immediate access to highly qualified medical experts, anytime they need and whether they are at home or in their hotel room

To provide the highest quality personalized medical care, accurate diagnosis, complete treatment, and necessary after-care, directly to your door

To build the trust and loyalty of our patients through our exceptional great care brought by the fastest response rate of our doctor on-call services

Our primary goal is to deliver the most prompt medical care in Dubai, whether it is at your home or in a hotel. We assure to bring dependable, efficient, and competent medical treatment to all our dearest clients. At Vital Zone Home Health Care, we are committed to our duty to be a trusted and leading medical home health care provider that looks after our patients, one care at a time.


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We also provide doctor consultation and home visits for Covid-19 patients.

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