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Newborn Care & Baby Nursing

From support and assistance to education, our newborn care specialists provide you with everything you need to rest yourself. This way, you can concentrate on being better parents. 

The safety and security of your baby are our topmost priority.

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We understand that motherhood is a special feeling and experience. But it also brings with it a truckload of worries and responsibilities that can prove to be tiring as well as overwhelming. But with Vital Zone, you can be assured that there is a specialist out there whose sole focus will be to care for you and your baby's needs.

If you are a new mother, you must be in search of help from reliable and experienced newborn nursing care that can help you in your postpartum days. If so, Vital Zone should be your top choice. We employ top-quality newborn care and childcare specialist nurses who are dedicated and trained to help you with love and care. We also offer night nursing, and our services are not restricted to mothers of any one nationality. Through our home nursing programs, we at Vital Zone strive to provide our customers with the best possible services, thereby ensuring their utmost satisfaction. This is our core mission, and we work every day to fulfill it.
We offer the best newborn care nurses at home in Dubai so that new parents can be assured that they are getting the right help with the caring and nourishment of their babies. These experts are also at the service of new mothers so that they can get the proper rest they deserve after delivery.
It is necessary to ensure that every child gets all-around care in their growing years. This involves not only developmental assistance but also emotional support. That is why experts from Vital Zone come up with unique activities for your children that will help them grow intellectually.
Parents of young kids are usually reluctant to go out and socialize because they are concerned about who will care for their children in their absence. But with the babysitting services offered by Vital Zone, parents can now rest assured that their children are in the right hands.
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Newborn Baby Care In Dubai

We are well-known home care nursing providers in Dubai, if you need reliable, dependable, and trustworthy home care services for newborn babies and mothers, We are your ultimate destination. Being trusted by families across Dubai in our proficient home care specialists, we can ensure to offer nothing less than the best. Our team understands the vulnerability and responsibility that involves a baby, so you can expect top-level safety, security, and home care assistance.
More than 1000+ families in Dubai have put their trust in Vital Zone over the years due to our top services.
Polished & Proficiency
We have proficient and dependable newborn care specialists on our team to help you with the best.
Specialized Care Services
We also provide specialized care services to mothers and newborn babies in Dubai.
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Day & Night Nursing Care For Your Baby

Being working parents, providing the best for the child becomes the utmost priority. When a kid is born into a family, priorities take a 360° shift. Parents become more responsible and work towards providing their children with better care and the environment. However, during this process, the child gets neglected as they need your time, love, and care; especially when they are at an early age. Not getting attention, love, and time from parents can have a negative influence on their behavior and habits that will create trauma and complications in the long run. Therefore, it’s important to provide your kids with love and care, more than facilities. If you are struggling with your work schedule and attention to kids, hiring home care is the best solution. It will not only give you mental peace that your child is under the supervision of an expert but also give your child the required care and love. We help new moms with developing habits of breastfeeding, developing a positive sleep environment, and other assistance.

Vital Zone, the home nursing institute based in Dubai is known for homecare and home nursing services. We have a team of newborn and child care specialists who understand their responsibility, and what your kids might need. Our team is efficient and well-groomed and proficient to provide home care and nursing with compassion, delicacy, love, and care. We offer the right guidance to new moms, and the care that is required to certify your kids receive the best environment for development and growth. We understand the vulnerability to hire home care nurses, and that’s why we conduct a thorough and strict background check before hiring experts. We do not compromise with quality or safety standards.

We Ensure Full Safety And Security Of The Mother And Her Child

Our Newborn Care & Baby Care Program

Baby Care


Our babysitting services with proficient specialists and accountable babysitters ensure your kids receive the best care. We make sure you get the best babysitters for your child whenever you need them.

child development

Child Development

We understand that every child needs love, supervision, support, and an environment to develop and grow. Our specialists use fun activities, care, and love to assure your child develops in the right environment.

baby health

Baby Health

Your baby is our priority, we have specialists on our team that take a thorough check on your baby’s health 24/7. Right from diet to their care, everything is tracked to ensure your kids remain healthy under our wings.

Mother baby


New moms can find it difficult to breastfeed, but our home care nurses and specialists can provide you assistance to help you overcome challenges with breastfeeding. Our team will provide support and assistance in the practical as well as emotional aspects of breastfeeding.

sleep trainings

Sleep Training

Our specialists will help you develop positive and healthy sleep patterns for you and your baby. We will also provide you with different aspects of healthy sleep for you and your baby after childbirth.

baby weaning

Baby Weaning

Food is critical for a newborn baby to grow and receive nutrition. Our home nursing specialists will help you with different approaches to introduce your baby to food and different ways to help them become comfortable with food.

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