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Elderly Care (Geriatric)

Vital Zone offers the kindest and most caring nurses at home in Dubai to look after your parents. We are known for our best-quality elderly care services!

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Elderly Care At Home

At Vital Zone, we boast years of experience in the home nursing sector. Hence, you can be assured that you will get the best possible caregivers from our home care services in Dubai. The biggest lesson that all these years of serving patients at home have taught us is that it isn’t just about physical care but also emotional support, especially when it comes to the elderly. We understand that they need someone with whom they can open their hearts, exchange perspectives, and enjoy quality time.

Hence, we train each of our professional home care nurses to be compassionate when providing geriatric care. They are thus able to personalize their approach depending on the varying needs of each patient and stay calm while doing so. So if you are looking for the best geriatric care in UAE, be it Dubai, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ail, Ajman, or Abu Dhabi, Vital Zone is the best choice available. Contact us today to learn more about our elderly care services at home.

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If you are looking for the best elderly care in Dubai, then Vital Zone should be your first choice. Here are 3 reasons why:
Affordable Pricing:
At Vital Zone, we make every effort to offer affordable elderly care services at home. When it comes to serving the elderly, no one does it better than us. We know that price is an important consideration when people are looking for elder care, so we work hard to keep our rates as low as possible.
Customized Care Plans:
We know that caregiving is not a fit-all service, and every elder has different needs. Hence, we allow you to customize your care plans, guiding you as you take multiple factors into consideration. A curated plan will ensure better care for the elders of your family by our home nurses.
Experienced Care Professionals:
Our home nurses have years of experience serving elders and taking care of their emotional as well as physical needs. They understand the importance of compassion and care in their profession and hence will treat your parents as their own. This is why you can completely rely on them.
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The Most Reasonably-Priced Nursing Care For Your Loved Ones

Geriatric Nursing Care At Home

As we grow older, after a certain age, our physical and mental well-being deteriorates. This makes it difficult even to perform day-to-day tasks successfully. At this age, a person becomes less tolerant, weaker, and more vulnerable. That is why it is important to provide the right elderly care to your parents. Home nursing services specializing in geriatric care can be a great help in such situations. They provide the most professional caregivers for your loved ones who can team with you to give much-needed assistance to your parents or grandparents. As the world becomes more aware of problems existing among people, the importance of a good home nursing service is gaining emphasis. And if you are someone looking for expert help related to geriatric care, Vital Zone is here. We employ professional nurses who have years of experience in serving many senior citizens.

It is very much possible that someone from the family will not be constantly available to cater to the needs of the elderly. That is why you should hire the best nurses at home from Vital Zone. Our caregivers ensure that elderly individuals get the care and emotional support they need in order to lead a healthy life and feel safe. This gives them a sense of companionship and improves their zeal towards life. In addition, they also give seniors a sense of independence because someone from the family will no more be required to leave their other tasks and help with daily chores like eating, bathing, and cleaning. Our home nurses in Dubai will accompany your parents and become the loving and patient friend who listens to their problems and recognize any symptoms related to health issues. They will also accompany them to tests, appointments, and supermarkets, as well as morning and evening walks.

So if you are looking for someone you can trust for elderly care in Dubai, contact Vital Zone now. We promise that your parents will be our priority!

We Ensure Best Care At The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Our Elderly Care Solutions Include Many Services

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Monitoring Vital Signs

Monitoring vital signs on a regular basis is extremely important because they are truly the indicators of any problems occurring in your body. And when it is elders, their health can quickly slip by the time you notice any symptoms. That is why our expert nurses at home monitor the vital signs of the patient regularly.

infection control

Infection Control

Elderly persons mostly have a compromised immune system which makes them more susceptible to infections. But when you hire professional nursing services at home from Vital Zone, you can be assured that our caregivers will maintain sanitation practices and help keep the patient clean and groomed in order to avoid any infections.

Wound Care

Wound & Skin Care

 Our home nurses in Dubai are trained in wound and skin care, so when they take care of your parents, they do it with professionalism and kindness. They are gentle and know the importance of the right techniques to be used with elders and help them accordingly.

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Bed Sore Prevention

Usually, when elderly persons are bound to their bed, their chances of getting bed sores increase drastically. To avoid this, our expert nurses maintain optimum skin health, ensure that the patient is getting proper nutrition, and assist and encourage them with movements and repositioning to avoid too much stress on the skin.

Elderly Care

Daily Living Support (bathing, feeding, dressing, etc.)

Even when a person gets old, it is necessary for them to stay groomed and clean and dress properly. Our home nurses in Dubai assist your parents with daily activities like bathing, dressing, cooking, etc. This ensures that they get the support needed to stay clean and healthy.

diabetes control

Diabetes Management, Assessment & Care

Older individuals usually have diabetes or are prone to it. For such people, managing the disease is typically tedious for various reasons. That is where nurses and doctors from Vital Zone come in. We provide help with the management, regular assessment, and care for diabetic individuals.

Medical records

Medical Record Maintenance

Not only do our nurses travel with your elders for doctor visits and blood tests, but they also properly maintain their medical records, including scans, test results, medical prescriptions, and bills. This is essential because it spares the relatives from the hassle and ensures retrieval of the entire medical history in the occurrence of an emergency.


Support For External Medical Appointments

Our elderly care nurses in Dubai not only take care of your loved ones at home but also accompany them to appointments – be it for regular checkups with the doctors, blood tests, scans, or any emergency. This fosters a feeling of support in the patients.

Elderly Activity

Engagement In Physical & Mental Activities

 Our nurses will also ensure the physical and mental health of your loved one stays well. They take them on walks and play board games and cards with their patients. This ensures that the elderly persons are not bored and bedridden.

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