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Newborn Care & Baby Nursing

Our newborn specialists will support, educate and assist you. So you get proper rest and focus on your role as parents.

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We ensure full safety & security of the baby

Newborn Nursing Care

Welcoming a new baby into your life is a wonderful experience. but it can be overwhelming and tiring sometimes. Don’t worry! We will take care of you and your baby’s needs! 

If you have just delivered a baby and is in search of a trained and trustworthy newborn nursing care then do get contact with us. Our child care specialist nurses aim to provide love and care through newborn care and night nursing to every new mother irrespective of her nationality. Serving our customers and giving them satisfaction with our home nursing service is what the institute envisions.

We ensure full safety and security of the mother and her child.

Our Newborn Care & Baby Care Program

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We ensure that your baby is taken care off with the best quality. Our nurses provide the best services, perfectly suited for your baby’s development at home.

Newborn baby

Child Development

Every child deserves the proper care when it comes to emotional and developmental needs. We provide exciting and fun activities that will help you accomplish your goal.

Newborn baby health

Baby Health

Your baby’s health will be carefully observed by our specialists 24/7. Everything will be tracked and recorded including your baby’s diet, development, and caring for his/her well-being.

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Mother’s may encounter breastfeeding to be challenging at first. With the help our nurses and experts, we will help you reach your goal to succeed in breastfeeding. We will provide all the support you need including emotional and practical areas of breastfeeding.

Newborn baby sleeping

Sleep Training

Our nurses will impart practical steps to help you and your child develop a suitable and positive environment for sleep. You will also learn important aspects about the benefits of sleep.

Newborn baby food

Baby Weaning

Your baby’s first food intake is a vital step in his/her growth. Our nurses will provide helpful steps on how to introduce food to your baby.


Newborn Care Services Dubai

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Your Child Our Priority

As we progress in our career and climb the ladder of success our priority in life shifts to the well being of our near and dear ones. And the ones who top that list are our children. Those little munchkins are the one whose future well being motivates us to work harder and earn more. But to do so we need to invest more and more time in the office and are therefore left with very little time to spend with our kids. In such a situation the kids grow alone and become lonely. This can affect their psychological health and have an effect in the long avoid any such complications it is recommended that you take child care service from Vital zone who are well known for their home care and home nursing services.

Vital Zone home nursing is an institute based in Dubai, UAE and is pretty popular because they give your child the right guidance under child care service. Every professional working in Vital Zone is efficient and experienced individual. They provide home care and home nursing job with care and compassion. They not only give your child right guidance but look after their growth and how they are developing as a human being. The child’s safety and security is the prime lookout of Vital Zone. Therefore thorough background check of the employees are done to make sure they have no bad past record.

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