A Promise To Deliver Premium Care At Home

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We provide best healthcare experts who are well experienced in attending to your needs for home healthcare

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Healthcare Experts

The team of professionals working in Vital Zone are responsible for the fame of the institution in Dubai, as the best place to go for home nursing care services. They are all certified, efficient, experienced and professional individuals who are experts in their fields. Apart from sincerity they handle their job with love and care and work with certain degree of compassion which helps them to get closer to their patient and help them get a better life.

Keeping in mind the point of safety and security of the client we do a thorough background check of our staff before appointing them so be rest assured that your family member will be safe with us. We have a specialized team of medical professionals at our disposal and our team of nurses is available 24/7 to provide quality service. Every customer feedback about service is taken seriously and changes are made now and then to improve the quality.

Vital Zone home healthcare center is a private multi-disciplinary healthcare provider, committed to serving our patients with excellence. Our team consists of licensed, qualified and highly trained physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals including physiotherapists, respiratory therapists and infection control staff.

We verify each staff that we hire by doing thorough background checks to ensure that we maintain the comfort, safety, and security of your family member. Our specialized team of medical professionals at our disposal and our team of nurses is available 24/7 to provide quality service. Each feedback we receive from our clients is seriously taken into consideration by our team. By doing so, we become better in our service as we maintain quality.

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A Promise To Deliver Premium Care At Home

Our focus is on providing patients the best possible care at home and we’re here to help. To know more about our home healthcare service, please do not hesitate to call us. Our friendly front desk team is excited to assist you for your home health care needs.
Nurses Training

One Team, One Family

Licensed Nurses

All the nurses responsible for providing home nursing care in Vital Zone has earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, and are licensed individuals. Each nurse has Basic Life support certificates.

It is a must that they need to have at least two years of experience of working in a hospital, in different wards before they can apply for work in Vital Zone Home Healthcare. They are home nursing care experts with different levels of experience, and we appoint them as per the demand of the client and the service plan so that the best service can be provided without errors in the workplace.

Healthcare Assistants

Just like the appointed nurses of Vital Zone the healthcare assistants responsible for providing home nursing care are also having Bachelor of Science degree in nursing or midwifery. They are professionals with experience of working in various hospitals and wards. Each of them holds Basic Life Support and First Aid Certification which ensures that they have full knowledge of the job that they have been appointed to. Vital Zone Home Healthcare is always in the lookout for talented professionals who have the passion to serve human being in medical field and nursing.