Post-operative Care

With a little planning and proactive care we can help make your recovery as smooth as possible​

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Vital Zone – provides best post-operative care

Secure & Smooth Recovery

In many cases, it has been witnessed that due to negligence or lack of proper guidance patient’s condition has deteriorated after surgery giving rise to various complications. When the patient is released from the hospital it happens to be the responsibility of the family members of the patient to look after home care and home nursing. But if they are not professionals in this field or lack confidence then it is better to hire some professional nurse who can provide right home care and home nursing. Vital Zone is one such place in Dubai, UAE who provide best post-operative care through trained nurses who are experienced in their own field.


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Your Care Our Priority

The nurses of Vital zone take their job very seriously and treat every patient with equal care and compassion. The quality of service is so high that in most of the customer feedback we get the words.

We work hard to make sure all our customers/patients receive quality service and for that thorough background check of the employees/nurses are done by the company while recruitment. There are numerous patients flying to Dubai, UAE every year for medical treatment. After the surgery is over they need post-operative care but due to lack of contacts, they do not know the right place to go. Over years Vital zone has proved to be one such supportive friend to them helping them with all possible home nursing and home care service. The quality of work done by our stuff is at par with the standard recommended by doctors and therefore there have rarely been cases where the patient receiving post-operative care from nurses of Vital Zone has been re-hospitalized. That ensure faster recovery and patients are always happy when they get to be out of bed and return to normal life. Vital zone works hard because we not only have business relations with our customers. We genuinely want to see them healthy and happy with the time.

The type of services which Vital Zone provides to its patients under home nursing are as follows:-

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