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Our team is able to achieve cost effective and hassle free solutions, in choosing medical services that suites the patient’s needs by managing the patient’s transfer efficiently

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Travel Nurse

We at Vital Zone provide high quality nursing care to our patients, who seek specialized medical treatment overseas, and those returning in the UAE after the treatment or procedure done.

We provide experienced DHA Licensed Nurses who can accompany the patient from the comfort of their home or hospital bed, to their medical journey, and to their preferred destination country for ongoing medical care and treatment, with the extensive experience in tracheostomy care, gastrostomy feeding, intravenous medications and fluid administration.

Having developed a trusting working relationship with major aircraft operators, we are able to provide medical services to hospitals and private families, for the patients who are unable to travel because of their medical conditions.

We also provide clinical care at home for patients who are returning home or who came from post treatment, under the supervision of our DHA Licensed Nurses and Medical Professionals. We cater patients who had post traumatic experience, chronic illnesses, neurological diseases, heart attack and stroke.

We customized care based on the patient’s needs and requirements. We provide 12hours to 24hours nursing care for a week for a continuous medical care.


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Our Clients

We provide services to transfer patients from bed to wheel chair, bed to stretcher or vice versa depending on the patient’s medical conditions. All of the patients we catered who had severe, long term medical conditions, required strict medical supervision by an experienced DHA Licensed Nurses.

Some of our clients who are recovering from illnesses and injuries are unable to be seated in an economy class, business or first class depending on their medical issues. Though in some cases, patients require stretcher and medical oxygen system to be fitted on-board aircraft. All of these arrangements regarding the patient’s transport are well coordinated by our medical team to our aircraft operators to ensure smooth, hassle free and a less stressful environment for a safe and stable patient transfer.

Our Travel Service

We start with patient’s assessment to evaluate if they are fit to fly on a scheduled airline. Majority of our patients are deemed fit to fly on a scheduled commercial airline. However, some patients are not qualified due to the severity of their medical condition and may require the more specialized treatment.

We provide hassle free patient transfers. Our expert case managers are dedicated and carefully coordinate with the right personnel for smooth, safe and quick patient transfer.

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