Protect elderly from Coronavirus

Coronavirus: How to Protect your Elderly Parents

The world is going through a pandemic right now. A virus outbreak that started at the end of 2019 is now causing difficulties to almost everyone in the world.

It is fine to be stressed or anxious about the current conditions, but make sure you play your part in fighting against the diseases and be helpful to people around you.

The statistical data shows that older people above the age of 60 are at more risk because of COVID 19 virus. It’s not that virus affects older people only; at an older age, the immune system is not so strong, so the virus could prove fatal to them.

If you are worried about the health and safety of your elderly parents or older relatives, we at Vital Zone will help through our brief guide to make sure your parents stay safe and healthy.

Follow the General Guidelines:

If you are a young individual reading this, your safety comes first as you need to take care of more people around you, including your elderly parents. Follow the general guidelines such as washing your hands, using a safety mask, and keeping a fair distance with other human beings to make sure you don’t catch the virus. Make sure your parents and relatives follow the same guidelines as they are for everyone.

Contacting your Parents

Older people need social interaction to stay mentally fit. If you live away from your parents, you must keep in touch using text or video calls. You could also pay a visit at least once a week, but make sure you follow proper procedures and meet safely. Just be a good support to them and tell them that things will be fine soon and the world will come back to its routine.

How to help Parents in Quarantine

Make sure that your parents don’t see too much news. Media usually creates hype that could be a cause of worry and stress especially for older people. If your parents are in quarantine, help them running their errands, buy groceries for them, and help them practically. Try to divert their attention towards something positive, like discussing some good childhood memories and have a good laugh with them.

What should you do if Parents develop a Fever?

If your parents develop a fever, first of all, contact family doctor to seek advice. If you are a Dubai resident, you could contact the WHATSAPP hotline at +971563713090. Make sure they are self-isolated as long as the help doesn’t arrive.

Physical Activity is Important

Physical fitness is also a need of the hour. Make sure your parents at least do a 10-minute walk; this will help that feel fresh mentally. Don’t make them sit all day and do nothing. Keep them busy in small tasks and occasionally keep checking if they are doing fine.

Give them Proper Internet Access

The Internet is something that could help parents or the elderly spend their leisure time even if you are not around. Your parents could learn new things that will make them feel good about them. Guide them on how they could contact their relatives using video calls, so they don’t feel alone in the self-isolation routine.

How to help Parents if they are Anxious

First of all, tell them that it is totally fine to be worried or stressed about what the whole world is undergoing right now. To make them less anxious, keep parents busy in tasks and chores that they like to do. Tell them that the world is fighting collectively against the virus, and things will be good soon, and we will fight it out.

The conversation you make with your parents should sound positive and hopeful instead of being negative about the current conditions.

Register your Parents with Dubai Police as Senior Citizen

Dubai Police and Community Development Authority has launched new service to support senior citizens and residents. Register your elderly parents by clicking here.

The Bottom Line

In these challenging times, one of the most important members of the society that need our attention is our parents. We need to fight this virus together. Make sure you are helping the people around you in the best way possible.

This was our brief guide on taking care of your elderly parents during the pandemic. If you want elderly care services for your parents in Dubai, feel free to contact Vital Zone Home Nursing Care.

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