Vital Zone- gives the new mother time to rest and enjoy motherhood

Right from a very tender age, we as children learn to compete and achieve our goals. And as we grow up this slowly gets into our being and becomes a habit. Have you wondered why? Because achieving your goal gives a certain pleasure which is unmatchable with any other form of pleasure on earth. But guess this perception too changes once a woman becomes a mother. Becoming a mother is not just a beautiful feeling but the entire journey of motherhood is an exquisite feeling which cannot be described in words.

That jitters of growing a life in your body, all the hardship of the pregnancy period, the sacrifices and sleepless nights, nausea and seeing your body change with time- everything settles into pure bliss once you hold your child in our arms. But the hardship is not over once the delivery is done. Therefore to give the new mother time to rest and enjoy motherhood Vital zone in Dubai, UAE provides home care and home nursing service. We have many trained midwife and nurses at disposal who can assist you in the first few months after delivery and provide you with the best guidance.

If you are a new mom residing in Dubai or anywhere in the United Arab Emirates and clueless as for how to take care of the newborn while your body is exhausted just get in contact with us at Vital Zone. We employee professional nurses and midwives after doing a thorough background check of their resume. They are efficient and experienced employees who have a really good track record. They do manage to give the new mother time to rest and enjoy motherhood.

We provide the following Maternity & Newborn Care services:
  • Taking care of the umbilical cord and suggesting ways for speedy healing.
  • Take care of the baby’s eye.
  • Post circumcision care is a part of the home care and home nursing service.
  • Assisting with breastfeeding.
  • Taking proper care of the breast.
  • Measuring and formula feeding the baby in the right proportion.
  • Keeping record of baby’s growth and looking after his/her well being.
  • Looking after the new mom and her postnatal recovery.
  • Encouraging and motivating the mother.
  • Keeping the feeding bottles clean.
  • Changing soiled nappies and bathing the newborn.
  • To establish a sleeping routine for the baby night nursing is also provided by Vital zone.
  • Monitoring the baby 24 hours to give the new mother time to rest and enjoy motherhood.

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If you are new in Dubai or anywhere in the United Arab Emirates and you have just delivered a baby and is in search of a trained and trustworthy midwife then do get contact with Vital Zone. Our employees aim to provide love and care through maternity support and night nursing to every new mother irrespective of her nationality. Serving our customers and giving them satisfied with our service is what the institute envisions. Quality of service is never compromised here. We ensure full safety and security of the mother and her child.